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Pre-Physics Course for High School Students Summer 2023

The Objectives of the Course

This course addresses students who are suffering from deficiencies in physics concepts. It is designed to bridge the gap between the high school and college levels in physics.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1) Learn the fundamentals of classical mechanics.

2) Recognize different types of conservation principles.

3) Understand the concept of electrostatics.

4) Learn DC electric circuit fundamentals

5) Understand the concept of magnetic fields and their effects.

 Who is eligible to apply?

• Holders of Arab certificates

• American Diploma students

• IGCSE students excluding those who took Maths and Physics at the Advanced level (AL)


• Each course will last for two weeks (4 days per week- 3 hours daily)

• The course starts on 3 September 2023


The course will cost 5000 LE

Bank Details:

1 - CIB Bank البنك التجاري الدولي

• Bank Name: Commercial International Bank (CIB)

• Branch Name: Smart Village

• IBAN: EG970010011900000100049475138

• Account Name: Egypt University of Informatics

• Account Number: 100049475138

• Currency: EGP

How to Register?

Register through this form:

Course Syllabus

lecture Topic Time Week #

1 Introduction, measurements and units, vectors and scalars 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial 1st week

2 Motion in 1d and 2D 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial

3 Newton’s Law of Motions and its Applications 2 hrs.+ 1 hr. tutorial

4 Work, Energy, and Momentum 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial

5 Rotational Motion, Gravity, waves. 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial 2nd week

6 Electric Field, force and potential 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial

7 Capacitance and Direct current. 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial

8 Magnetic Fields 2 hrs. + 1 hr. tutorial

  Final test