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What is Egypt University of Informatics (EUI)?

Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) stands as one of the pioneering specialized institutions in the Middle East and Africa dedicated to Communications, Information Technology, and their associated domains. Established through collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, EUI is committed to being a premier academic center delivering tailored educational programs to fulfill the demands of the job market with proficient ICT professionals.

Where is EUI located?

EUI is situated within the Knowledge City at the New Administrative Capital. For precise location details, refer to EUI's location here


What faculties are offered by EUI?

EUI offers the following faculties:

  1. Computing and Information Sciences
  2. Engineering
  3. Business Informatics
  4. Digital Arts and Design


Which faculties offer dual degree programs?

Faculty of Computing and Information Sciences:

  • Dual degree with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (ranked#35 in Computer Science, US.News, 2023)

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Dual degree with Purdue West Lafayette University (ranked#4 in Engineering, US.News, 2023) 

Faculty of Business Informatics:

  • Dual degree with Telfer School of Management ( among top 1% of world business schools) with the triple crown accreditation, University of Ottawa (ranked#10 in Best Canadian universities, US News, 2023) 

What high school certificates does EUI accept?

EUI accepts national and international certificates, including Thanaweya Amma, Abitur, IGCSE, GCSE, American Diploma, Thanawya from Arab countries, International Baccalaureate, Canadian Certificate, Fachoberschule FOS, and French Baccalaureate.

Are housing/accommodation services offered?

EUI provides high-standard dormitories for students residing outside Cairo and Giza governorates. Students from Cairo and Giza interested in dormitory accommodation should contact the facilities manager.

Can students transfer to a foreign university campus abroad?

Subject to meeting the foreign university's requirements, students can transfer to its campus during their senior year and receive the native degree of the foreign university.

Will tuition fees remain the same for applicable dual degree agreements?

Students are required to pay EUI fees throughout their study years on campus. Additional fees for online/blended courses offered by the foreign university will apply. During the year spent abroad, students will pay international tuition fees to the foreign university, with administrative fees payable to EUI.

What currency are EUI's tuition fees in?

Egyptian students pay tuition fees in EGP, while non-Egyptian students pay in USD at the EUI campus.

Does EUI comply with the Ministry of Higher Education’s rules and regulations?

Yes, EUI adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Higher Education.

How many semesters are available in the Academic year?

There are three academic semesters: Fall, Spring, and an optional Summer semester.

Are transportation services available?

Regular transportation services connect EUI to significant locations in Cairo and Giza. 

What are the types of scholarships offered to students?

EUI offers full scholarships for top Thanaweya Amma students, as well as partial scholarships based on academic merit and other athletic scholarships. For more information, please visit the scholarships page

Can IGCSE students apply after Grade 11?

Yes, IGCSE students can apply after Grade 11 with an official letter from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Is the university affiliated with different syndicates?

Currently, EUI is not registered with any syndicate. Registration in various syndicates is contingent upon the graduation of the first batch.

Can IELTS or TOEFL substitute for the English Placement exam?

Yes, only for  an IELTS score of 5.5 or above, or a TOEFL score of 65 or above ( Both equivalent to B2 level)

Are there additional exams besides the English Placement Test?

 For the Faculty of Digital Arts and Design, there is an aptitude test to assess the student’s proficiency.

Will the university introduce faculties unrelated to the IT field?

EUI currently offers faculties related to Communications, Information Technology, and their associated fields.

Which entities provide academic scholarships for students?

Entities such as Microsoft, Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, Banque Misr, and Dell Company cover scholarships for students.

Does the university accept STEM and Nile School students?

Yes, both STEM and Nile School students are eligible to apply for admission to the University.