Dr. Rasha Mohamed El Nashar

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Dr. Rasha Mohamed El Nashar

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Faculty of Engineering


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She is full Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University since 2014 and adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Egypt University of Informatics. Former adjunct professor of Chemistry at Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt, and School of Science and Engineering in the American University in Cairo. Former Lecturer at Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, The German University in Cairo, since March 2004 till end of June 2015. Her research interests include, molecularly imprinted polymers synthesis and different applications including solid phase extraction, sensors and drug delivery systems, nanoparticles synthesis, electrochemical sensors, flow injection analysis and computer assisted HPLC method development. She was awarded the prestigious State incentive award for technological science (basic sciences sector) 2015 from The Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology, Medal of Excellence, First Level, President AbdelFattah El Sisi , 2017,  Honoring from The First lady Entesar El Sisi,  in the Egyptain Women Day 8th of March 2020 besides several travel and research grants from DAAD, TWAS and center of special studies in Alexandria library. She is a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian society of analytical chemistry since 2017. Previous- Co-supervisor of Medical Micro & Nano Robotics Laboratory, The German University in Cairo, responsible for nanomaterial’s production and application of natural polymers/ synthesis  of biocompatible polymers that can be used for drug delivery till end of June 2015. http://mmnrobotics.com. Currently, a collaborator in many of the running projects. Reviewer in many international scientific journals including: Biosensors and bioelectronics, Journal of Advanced research (Cairo University), Journal of Food Chemistry, Drug Development and Industrial pharmacy, Analyst, Sensors letters, Mini-Reviews in medicinal chemistry, international journal of chemistry, current analytical chemistry



Ph.D. of Analytical Chemistry, 2002


 Courses Taught:

  • General

  • Analytical and physical chemistry for Foundation year students.



75 publication in international journals


Academic achievements

  • Honoring from The First lady Entesar El Sisi,  in the Egyptian Women Day 8th of March 2020
  • Award from the National Council of Woman for being among the most representative Nile Lady Scientists 2019
  • Medal of Excellence, first Level. 2017
  • State incentive award for advanced technological science, Basic Science, for 2015
  • Annual outstanding publication awards from Cairo University 2012-2022.
  • Best M.Sc. Thesis supervision award, faculty of Science, Cairo University, 2012
  • Recognition award from the German University in Cairo, for outstanding performance in student’s academic support , 2006