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Dr. Nehal Afifi

Adjunct Professor 

Part time - Faculty Of Business Informatics

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Dr. Nehal Afifi was recently serving as the program leader of Information Technology Management for Business in the School of Business at the University of Hertfordshire — hosted by GAF, in addition to her role as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and the Academic Advisor of the UH-GAF Enactus team.

Prior to that role at UH-GAF, she served as the Executive Manager of the Innovation and Sustainable Development Center, the Director Manager of the Technology Innovation Commercialization Office, and the Entrepreneurship Club at the Egyptian E-learning University (EELU). That is beside her role as the academic advisor for several extra curriculum activities such as ACM Club, Google Developers club, and Enactus Team, adding   to her role as an Assistant professor in the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology.

 She also joined as a visiting professor in the Faculty of Management Technology at GUC, the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence at Cairo University, and the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Helwan University. In addition, she previously led the National Spatial Data Project at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development in 2015 as the project consultant and coordinator.

 She held her Ph.D., from the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence at Cairo University in 2020. She has publications in the field of improving the resource perspective devoted to business process simulation and her research interest extends to cover the areas of business process management, simulation of business processes and its applications, process optimization, e-commerce, e-government, geographic information systems, enterprise systems and applications, digital transformation, and entrepreneurship.

 She made several interviews with Nile TV, Nile news, and Al Masriyah channel about the role of entrepreneurship in job creation, youth empowerment, and the startups' role in enhancing the Egyptian economy. In addition to organizing and implementing several mentoring sessions and workshops in the field of technology, entrepreneurship, the fourth industrial revolution, and marketing innovations.

She also has been honored with certificate recognition for her contributions to several forums, summits, and activities such as:

  • Member of the expert committee for review, of the “17 goals" television program by Essam Youssef, and the member of the judging committee for the Umm Habiba competition for female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Aswan.
  • Managing the discussion session on job creation in the second era of machines, as part of the activities of the first session of a Mogtam3ytech forum.
  • Participation in the drafting committee of the “Cairo Declaration” technology for community service, formed by the Arab Council for Social Responsibility, and included a group of senior experts and specialists in economic and societal fields.
  • Participation in the ITC International Conference at the Egyptian College of Air Defense.
  • The Global Entrepreneurship Week at the headquarters of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.
  • The Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Conference in the Era of Community Leadership at the headquarters of the League of Arab States and under its auspices.
  • The Conference of Innovation Support Offices, Technology Commercialization under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • The Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research at Al-Massa Hotel in the New Administrative Capital under the patronage and presence of His Excellency the President of the Republic.
  • Techne Summit for Entrepreneurship, Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit, and the International Exhibition for Investment and Commercial Agencies.
  • A symposium on the role of the 2030 Pioneers Project in the presence of Dr. Ghada Khalil, director of the Rowad 2030 project and under the patronage of the Ministry of Planning and presidential initiative for youth.



Ph.D., from the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence at Cairo University in 2020


Courses Taught

  • Enterprise
  • Information Technology Management for Business
  • Digital Experience
  • Information Systems for Business
  • Business Analytics
  • Integrated Information Systems
  • Intelligent Databases
  • Databases Systems 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Internet Applications 
  • Enterprise Applications



  • Afifi, N., Helmy, Y., & Fouad, M. (2009). Geographic Information System in Water & Wastewater. Helwan University International Conference.
  • Afifi, N., Awad, A., & Abdelsalam, H. M. (2018, February). RBPSim: A Resource-aware Extension of BPSim Using Workflow Resource Patterns. ZEUS 2018, 32.
  • Afifi, N., Awad, A., & Abdelsalam, H. M. (2018, July). Extending BPSim Based on Workflow Resource Patterns. In International Conference on Business Information Systems (pp. 206-222). Springer, Cham.


Academic achievements

  • Leading the Information Technology Management for Business program in Business school at University of Hertfordshire 
  • Performing research to serve as the basis for academic publication with colleagues at university of Hertfordshire, UK and Memorial University in Canada.
  • Collaborating with colleagues on submitting project proposals for grants.
  • Supervising several students' activities (such as Enactus, Tedx, ACM, Google developers, and YLF)
  • Participating in building and structuring the university incubator and executive education center.
  • Building strong rapport with students through several meetings, class discussions, academic advisement, and personal tutoring.
  • Contributing to campus activities to promote a positive university image.
  • Mentoring students on academic problems and made professional
  • recommendations.
  • Supervising graduation projects and supporting them in submitting for several competitions of ITIDA, ASRT, and EITESAL to get fund/grant [3 projects won in this academic year].
  • Supporting students to register their projects as patents in ASRT or register their software in ITIDA.
  • Prepared the accepted data science program bylaw at the Egyptian E-Learning university 
  • Participating in the committee of scholarships and exemptions evaluation.
  • Supervising students' to participate in academic competitions (ICPC
  • and Ideal Student) and  provide reports on academic progress.
  • Participating in graduation projects and master’s discussion commissions.
  • Preparing workshops in entrepreneurship, design thinking, and Metaverse.


Industrial experience

Contributing as the initiator and negotiator for partnership agreements with public and private institutions[ such as Wadhwani Foundation, HP LIFE, Youth Leadership Foundation, E-Youth, EME Innovation Hubs, Idea space, Techne Summit, Gen Egypt, ACSR, ASRT, NARSS, CAPMASS, EGSA], in addition to acting as the focal person with those partners.

TICO office:

  • Developing the business plan, mission statement, vision, financial, and patent policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Administering the annual budget plan with effective controls to prevent overages and support sustainable operation plan.
  • Applying performance indicators to evaluate the office units and members to
  • continuously improve office operations.
  • Facilitating communication, collaboration, and cohesion between team members and units.
  • Determining areas of improvement and devising targeted corrective actions to maintain optimal operation.
  • Engaging office members in training to enhance their knowledge in the field of innovation, patent submissions, managing partnerships, and project evaluation.
  • Offeringknowledgetostudentsandfacultystaffthroughtrainingandconsultations related to technological projects, start-ups establishment, scholarships, research grants, funding opportunities, and incubation programs.
  • Submitting patents for innovative projects of students and faculty.
  • Engaging faculty and students in various events, including innovation fairs, conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Mapping income-generating strategies to grow the revenue of the TICO office.
  • Sourcing continuous funding by commercializing the patents and innovative projects of students and faculty staff.
  • Managing the digital presence of the office to enhance reaching to students and the ecosystem partners through a professional website and social media profiles.
  • Communicating with the university president and other executive managers to deliver the progressing reports and solve operational and workflow issues.
  • Promoting program courses, training, activities, and accomplishments, both internally and externally, to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Mentoring students on their projects and making professional recommendations.
  • Providing consultation to students on primary research, data collection, bibliographies, and scientific writing assistance.

Entrepreneurship Club:

  • Establishing an entrepreneurial student family.
  • Holding two entrepreneurship competitions for students at Ideation Camp.
  • Holding a week for entrepreneurship at the university level.
  • Qualifying 5 teams to apply to one of the technological incubators.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars with one of the distinguished public figures in the field of start-ups and entrepreneurship at the university.
  • Holding a training camp on Design Thinking.
  • Holding a Startup Weekend competition with the aim of forming startups.
  • Participating in the E-clubs League held by the ASRT.
  • Holdingthelocalandinternationalpartnershipsneededtoimplementthisprogram.
  • Promoting program courses, training, activities, and accomplishments, both internally and externally, to boost innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Mentored students on their projects and made professional recommendations.
  • Managing internal operational standards and targets for the club
  • Communicating best practices among personnel to align efforts and goals. 
  • Reviewing all training materials for accuracy and policy compliance.