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Climathon Themes

Create the change. Show the globe what you can innovate using emerging technologies to help build a sustainable future in one of these themes:

  1. Sustainable Cities: Sustainable cities require infrastructure modernization, a high price-tag proposition that can be daunting for any city. Smart cities are a new concept with new technologies. Attracting investors requires a comprehensive strategic plan communicating the opportunity and presenting a robust business model. This new model entails funding and financing new sources of revenue, new business models for recovery and value capture, and innovative financing structures for investors. You need to propose a technology solution that helps these cities to adopt sustainability and empower these cities to use technology to build inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable communities. 

  2. Clean Energy: The future of clean energy looks bright. Recent years show that more renewable energy capacity has been installed globally than new fossil fuel and nuclear capacity combined. Renewable sources now make up over one-third of globally installed power capacity. Using technology solutions, you can build an idea to drive more energy efficiency through comprehensive solutions that touch every facet of the facility. Harness technology ensures access to affordable, reliable, stainable, and modern energy.

  3. Empowering Communities: Addressing climate change requires us to understand how human actions impact the climate system and the impact of climate changes on our planet, communities, and businesses. We are committed to making climate-relevant data easier to access and analyze. Identify, host, and deploy critical datasets, including weather observations, weather forecasts, climate projection data, satellite imagery, hydrological data, air quality data, and ocean forecast data. Use data and analytics to empower communities to increase resilience against climate change.

  4. Water Stewardship: Evaporative Cooling, Recycled Water, Water Treatment Systems, and Water Efficiency Metrics are solutions to take a holistic approach and assess both the water and energy usage of each potential cooling solution to select the most efficient method. Develop a water-use strategy by evaluating climate patterns for a facility, local water management and availability, and the opportunity to conserve drinking water sources. Leverage technology to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable water.