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Full Scholarships for Egyptian students: 

EUI provided tens of scholarships to students across the four faculties since its establishment. The total scholarship is limited to Thanaweya Amma’s top achievers and includes transportation using EUI’s buses, as well as the accommodation at EUI’s dorms for students outside Cairo and Giza governorates.


Sawiris Full Scholarships for top students:  

EUI is one of the universities collaborating with the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development to offer full scholarships for Thanaweya Amma’s top achievers. For more information, check


General Reduction for 2023-2024:

30% for the faculties of Engineering and Computing and Information Sciences, and 35% for the faculties of Business Informatics  and Digital Arts and Design

Partial scholarships for Egyptian students based on merit:

EUI offers partial scholarships to holders of Thanaweya amma and other foreign certificates based on merit, as shown in the table below:



    • *The scholarships based on merit for "2023-2024" Egyptian students are changed during their study period, according to the student's GPA. Category A requires a GPA of 3.4 to be maintained, while Category B requires a GPA of 3.2


Athletic Scholarships

  • 20% for the first, second, and third International or Olympic championships positions.
  • 15% for the first, second, and third positions in regional (e.g., African, Arab) tournaments
  • 10% for the first, second, and third positions in the National tournaments
  • **** Athletic scholarships are valid only for the year following the year of the athletic achievement.


Other Scholarships

  • Siblings are offered a 10% discount (applies on the elder sibling) 
  • Students who are children of EUI or MCIT members are granted a 10% extra reduction.
  • 20% Scholarship for students with special needs (to maintain this scholarship, the student should keep his GPA equivalent to 70% or more) 
  • 50% scholarship for sons/daughters of armed forces and police martyrs (exclusive of the partial scholarships based on merit).


For more information, please send the Admission office at [email protected]