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Egypt University of Informatics (EUI), Faculty of Digital Arts and Design located at the New
Administrative Capital (NAC) is looking for qualified candidates to fill the following vacancy
starting in the academic year 2022/2023.

Position Description:
The Faculty of Digital Arts and Design at EUI seeks applicants for a full-time position of
Teaching Assistants/Assistant Lecturers in Game Design Program (AGD), The faculty
invites candidates to become engaged in an interactive and collaborative teaching environment.
Candidates are expected to discuss various ideas, applications, and problems, and explain the
concepts discussed in lectures, by challenging and motivating students. They are expected
to supervise and grade the multiple projects and assignments that students work on in labs and

Job Requirements:
- Conducting tutorials and labs as required by the instructor.
- Employing innovative approaches to teaching and support for students through the use of
a wide range of learning resources and various teaching practices.
- Interacting with the students during office hours both face-to-face and online using
discussion groups and other tools on the LMS.
- The ability to teach practical and theoretical courses both in-class and online.
- Grading assignments, quizzes, and lab exams, as required by the instructor.
- Participating in academic and exam support duties including proctoring.
- Helping in developing and customizing software systems used in the University.
- Performing any other duties as assigned by the upper management. 
- Submitting a yearly progress report with his/her achievements for evaluation.

- Graduate from the animation department from a faculty of fine arts or film institute,
and he/she must have experience in computer programs specialized in the
animation field. (Excellent with honors/ or very good).
- Teaching Assistants must be graduated in 2016 or after.
- Assistant Lecturers must be graduated after 2012 and must have obtained their
master's degree in a related field.
- Excellent command of the English language both spoken and written is a must.
- Enthusiastic and interested in pursuing research and graduate studies.
- Excellent presentation skills.
- Excellent computer skills and good programming skills.
- Good management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines.
- Team work spirit.

Application Instructions:
- Applications will be reviewed until the position is filled.
- Please send your application documents to: [email protected], with reference#
in the subject of your email as “EUI -ART-ALs”