EUI scores two gold and silver medals at the Sports Festival for University Students

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The basketball team for Egypt University of Informatics ( EUI) won the gold
medal at the Sports Festival Tournament for University Students, organized by
the Sports Federation of Universities, under the auspices of his excellency,
Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific
Research, in the presence of his excellency, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of
Youth and Sports. EUI Athletics team also won the silver medal in 100 meters.
The university's top management, Student Life and wellbeing department
praised the champions, on their victory and the achievement of top ranks in
the tournament, and their achievement of the gold medal for the basketball
team represented by the students, Noor Tamer, Orchid Hazem, Zeina Essam,
and Mariam Al-Setouhi, as well as a silver medal in Athletics for 100 meters, by
the student Omar Essam.
The university paid tribute to its champions. They have proven themselves to
be responsible and to an outstanding level of excellence in various scientific
and athletics fields. Therefore, the university fully supports them with all
means to become future success makers.
EUI is the first specialized university in the Middle East and Africa in the fields
of Communications and Information technology and its affected areas. The
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology established EUI, in
cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to
become a leading academic institution offering specialized educational
programs to meet the needs of the labor market of state-of-the-art ICT
specialists based in the Knowledge City in the new administrative capital.
EUI offers four faculties (Computing and Information Sciences, Engineering,
Business Informatics, Digital Arts and Design), including 16 educational
programs to meet the labor market's needs from specialists in the latest fields
of ICT. Such fields include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and
Engineering, Electronic Industry and communications, Business Analytics and
Digital Marketing, Animation Arts, User Experience, and Electronic Game