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Dr. Ahmed Abdelhamid Bahgat


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Ahmed is a venture capitalist, and an angel investor, focusing on building & administration of investment funds.
As a serial venture builder, he serves as a board member of multiple startups, along with a solid background in Science and Engineering, management, corporate governance, as well as investment law, and
corporate finance.
Ahmed holds a Ph.D. in nano-electronics from IMEC/ VUB (Belgium). His academic journey started at Alexandria University in Egypt, followed by MSc from Advanced Learning and Research Institute, USI in Switzerland in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano and Federal Institute of
Technology (ETH) in Zürich, and MSc in Executive management from Solvay Business School. 
More recently, his investment expertise was solidified with an advanced master's program degree in private equity and finance from Vlerick Business School in Belgium.



  • M.SC. Executive IT Management - Solvay Business School (SBS), Brussels , Belgium
  • PhD. Electrical and Informatics Engineering - Department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO), the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium.
  • M.Sc. Embedded Systems Design, Major in Business Project Management - Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI), the Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano (USI) in Lugano, Switzerland.
  • B.Sc. Electronics and Communications - Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in Alexandria, Egypt.



Ahmed Abdelhamid’s expertise is more focused on the business and industrial implementations.

  • Title: “Postponing SoC death”
    Authors: Ahmed AbdelHamid; Ankur Anchlia; Bart Dierickx; Miguel
    Miranda Corbalan and Paul Zuber.
    Number of Pages: 3 pages
    Type: Electronic paper part of Fringe poster session
    Conference: ESSDERC/ESSCIRC, Edinburgh(UK), September 2008. The
    ESSDERC is a European Solid-State Device Research Conference.


  • Title: “A Standardized Knobs and Monitors RTL2RTL Insertion
    methodology for Fine Grain SoC Tuning”
    Authors: Ahmed Mohamed AbdelHamid; Ankur Anchlia; Stylianos
    Mamagkakis; Miguel Miranda; Bart Dierickx ; M. Kuijk
    Number of pages: 7 pages
    Type: Invited Paper, Peer reviewed
    Conference: DSD Patras(Greece), August 2009. The Digital System
    Design conference is a Euromicro conference, supported by IEEE-CS


  • Title: “A 10.37 mm2 675 mW reconfigurable LDPC and Turbo encoder
    and decoder for 802.11n, 802.16e and 3GPP-LTE”
    Authors: F. Naessens, V. Derudder, H. Cappelle, L. Hollevoet, P.
    Raghavan, M. Desmet, A.M. AbdelHamid, I. Vos, L. Folens, S. O'Loughlin,
    S. Singirikonda, S. Dupont, J.-W. Weijers, A. Dejonghe, L. Van der Perre
    Number of pages: 2 pages
    Type: Chip design and implementation conference

Conference: Symposia on VLSI circuits and technology, June 2010. Honolulu, Hawai.


Industrial experience

  • Fund Administrator Partner at Endure Capital, 2021-2022
  • Board Member & Angel Investor at multiple startups
  • Business Consulting Partner at multiple EU companies, including Lemon, and Road 21
  • Digital Design Architect at Melexis
  • Participated in IMEC's Insight, Digital Design components, and Technology Aware Design groups. Deployed successfully a patented methodology to automatically insert fine grain circuits and route data bits, in a Flexible Forward Error Correction Wireless Data processing ASIC chip (FlexFec), in a 65nm Chip.
  • Worked in the IP Design and Re-use group (COM PS IPR group) at Infineon Technologies AG, and was responsible for the architecture concept design and implementation of one pipeline stage of a 16 multi-core multi-threaded processor in VHDL. The work included firmware assembly coding for the processor(s), debugging using Debussy, integration of the new pipeline stage introduced to the processor, replicating it for the whole system and testing in Verilog/Perl test-benches.