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Job purpose:

Athletic Coordinator generally manages and supervises all the athletic activities at EUI with more focus on students’ activities. The purpose of this job is to generate interest and increasing participation in sports activities and events by running initiatives that inspire students/staff to participate. Also enriching the students’ life by planning, organizing and managing different activities and campaigns to have a fruitful and active university experience.

Main responsibilities are- and not limited to:

  • Planning, managing and delivering a varied range of sporting activities, projects, or programs
  • Providing guidance and direction for the university sports program.
  • Liaising, cooperating, and working with relevant organizations or agencies including youth services, schools, clubs, sports coaches, and sports councils to make things happen
  • Participating in and developing rules and regulations (manuals) that organize the athletic activities professionally, included health and safety measures required.
  • Handling -with Marketing & PR- the required promotional material and displays. Moreover, coordinating with any department/internal party needed to achieve the best results.
  • Managing activities funding, budgets and follow up included statistical and financial records etc…
  • Being responsible for managing the play grounds and sports instrument, give technical recommendations when needed, also applying reports if they need any maintenance.
  • Being responsible for leading the university teams through the universities leagues or any similar events. Ensuring that all individuals associated with events comply with all rules, policies and procedures to ensure the best behavior and professional image
  • Monitoring and assessing athletic progress to keep improving performance

In addition to the main duties indicated here, the post holder may be required to perform other duties assigned by the university management from time to time. Such duties will be reasonable and be in line with the post holder’s skills, experience, and grade



Education & experience:

  • Bachelor degree in physical Education or any related field
  • 5+ years’ experience in student life, students’ affairs, higher education administration, or related field with demonstration of student progressive leadership and responsibilities.


Skills and qualifications:

  • Knowledge of policies and practices related to higher education, student leadership development, and student well-being.
  • Good English and Arabic command are required.
  • Good Computer skills are required e.g. MS Office, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills and Interpersonal skills to build and maintain good relations with all parties
  • Very Good planning and organizational skills
  • Excellent time management skills and teamwork skills
  • Good Adaptability and flexibility to various changes with positive attitude
  • Has self-confidence and senses of responsibility to take matters in own hands


Work Conditions:

  • The work can be demanding, with long hours and some evening, weekends and public holiday or traveling which is agreed upon and work according to the activities schedule.

Work contacts:

  • Local authorities
  • Sports councils
  • Universities
  • Sport’s governing peers, parties and councils


To apply kindly, send your CV to [email protected] , mention the job title in the subject line.
Deadline for receiving applications is 15/05/2022