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General Questions


  1. What is Egypt University of Informatics?

Egypt University of Informatics (EUI) is a Non-Profit Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focused University established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHE) at the heart of the Knowledge City (KC) at the New Administrative Capital (NAC). EUI is aiming to be a leading university in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa (MENA) specialized in ICT and the fields that are highly influenced by ICT.

EUI considers multi-disciplinary and inter-professional domains, with the main objective of meeting rapidly growing market needs of highly skilled professionals in these areas, with the ultimate goal of contributing to an effective scientific and technological base, capable of innovation, having an international position and pushing the national economy to continuous progress.  These areas include (but are not limited to): digital transformation (e.g., Financial Technology, Regulatory Technology, etc.), the utilization and exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many diverse domains, the orderly transition into smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, among others.


  1. Why Egypt University of Informatics?
  • ICT-focused university in Egypt.
  • EUI is a non-profit university, established by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).
  • EUI will have direct link to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology projects and entities existing in the MCIT Knowledge City at the New Administrative Capital, which can offer specialized training, internships, start-ups incubation, as well as funding of research with the industry.
  • EUI continuously seeks to establish dual degree agreements with top universities worldwide, which will grant students (meeting the conditions of the agreement) both the EUI degree and the foreign university degree.
  • Quality Education is guaranteed through aligning our program offerings and curricula with world top universities’ offerings.
  • Successful students will obtain the foreign university degree (e.g., Purdue Computer engineering degree) while spending only their senior year at the foreign university (e.g., Purdue University) Campus.
  • The dual degree model aims to minimize the costs of international and living fees on the parents, and minimizing the risk of students getting home-sick, if they travel in their junior years. They only travel in a senior year where they are more mature.


  1. What are the facilities available at Egypt University of Informatics?

EUI campus is located at the heart of the New Administrative Capital (NAC), as one of the pillars of the Knowledge City (KC).

EUI has 7 buildings. EUI will start with a standalone building on the area of 5,189m2. The building is totally equipped as a smart green building and ready to welcome the first cohort of the four faculties in fall 2021.

The second phase of buildings will be ready in 2024 with huge smart and green campus on an area of 84,000m2. As a smart city, EUI will make use of all the highest-standards facilities offered by the KC including sporting club, guest house, theatre, etc.


  1. What are the awarded degrees? Who would be awarding the degree?

EUI will be offering B.Sc. in distinguished programs:

  • Computing and information Sciences with several tracks (Dual Degree Master’s in Information Security with Purdue University)
  • Engineering: Communication and Electronics (B.Sc. Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering with Purdue University)
    • Computer Engineering (B.Sc. Dual Degree in Computer Engineering with Purdue University)
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Business Informatics:
    • Finance
    • Digital Business with several tracks
  • Digital Arts and Design:
    • Interaction Design
    • Animation Art
    • Games Design
    • New Media Arts
    • Graphic and Media Design
    • User Experience Design
  1. What are the international partner universities’ agreements? How do these agreements work?

EUI, in its infancy, is striving to achieve and sustain highest education and research standards through agreements with reputable (top-ranked) international universities. In this direction, EUI has successfully signed two agreements with Purdue University, West Lafayette (PWL) ranked as #7 as best  Engineering schools, #6 in Cyber Security and #36 best undergrad teaching in U.S. News in 2021. In addition, EUI executive board is in progressed negotiations to sign dual degree agreements for each program offered by EUI through its four faculties. Currently, EUI has signed two agreements to grant students dual degrees that work as follows:

  • Dual degrees agreement with Purdue University, West Lafayette (PWL) in Electrical and Computer Engineering: PWL is ranked as #7 as best  Engineering schools in U.S. News in 2021.
  • The agreement is a dual degree model utilizing credit transfer, such that successful candidates meeting the conditions will obtain two degrees: EUI degree and PWL degree. Professional Master’s in Information Security (PMIS) with Purdue University, West Lafayette (PWL): PWL is ranked as #6 in Cyber Security in U.S. News in 2021. This agreement is eligible for both EUI Computing and Information Sciences and Computer Engineering students meeting PWL admission/acceptance requirements. Successful candidate will obtain EUI bachelor degree and PWL Professional Master’s degree in Cyber Security.
  1. Is the curriculum taught by Egypt University of Informatics the same as what is taught by the international university?
  • Egypt University of Informatics must comply with the rules and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • EUI program offerings and curricula are aligned with the foreign universities’ offerings in terms of rigor and depth, while adhering to the Egyptian rules and regulations.
  • Programs are designed in a way such that credit transfer with the foreign university be guaranteed.


  1. Will students be able to transfer to the foreign university campus abroad?

Students meeting the foreign university requirements, will have to transfer to the foreign university campus during their senior year. If successful, the student will obtain the native foreign university degree (e.g., Purdue University, West Lafayette degree in Computer Engineering), the same degree obtained if the student spent all his/her years of study abroad.


  1. If the students showed interest in any of the applicable dual degree agreements, would the tuition fees be the same?
  • All students will have to pay EUI fees during all their years of study at EUI campus, in addition to the fees of some online/blended courses offered by the foreign university.
  • Student will pay the international tuition fees of the foreign university only for the senior year to be spent at the foreign university campus and only administrative fee is paid to EUI for this year.


  1. What is the currency of the tuition fees?
  • EUI tuition fees in EGP for Egyptian Students.
  • Non-Egyptian Students will pay their tuition fees at EUI campus in USD.


  1. Does Egypt University of Informatics follow the Ministry of Higher Education law?

Yes, it follows the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education.


  1. Would students need degree equivalency in Egypt?

Since it is a non-profit university under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education, students do not need to equate their EUI degree.


Admission Requirements

  1. How many semesters are available in the Academic year?

There are three academic semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer (Optional).


  1. Can I apply for more than one faculty?

Yes, this is possible if you meet the entry/admission requirements of each of the faculties you are interested to apply for.


  1. What type of high school certificates does Egypt University of Informatics accept?

The national and all international certificates are accepted at EUI. This includes Thanawya Ammah, Abitur, IGCSE, GCSE, American Diploma, Thanawya from Arab countries, International Baccalaureate, Canadian Certificate, Fachoberschule FOS and French Baccalaureate.


  1. What are the entry requirements of each high school certificate?

Details of courses that should be taken for each faculty will be posted on EUI website.


  1. When does the admission start?

The admission to apply for September 2021 starts end of  May 2021.


  1. How can students start the application process and when?

Application starts end of May 2021. For details, please check EUI Admission.


  1. What is the application fee?

Details are announced on the EUI portal at: eui.mcit.gov.eg


  1. What is Egypt University of Informatics academic calendar?
  • Egypt University of Informatics follows the Egyptian Calendar.
  • For blended/online courses offered by the foreign university, students have to follow the foreign university calendar for these courses.
  1. Will there be transportation services?
  • Regular Transportation is available connecting EUI to major points in Cairo and Giza. Transportation schedules will be announced.


  1. Are there housing/accommodation services offered?
  • The location of EUI would allow easy access to accommodation off-campus (in Madinaty, ElRehab, New Cairo, New Capital City).
  1. What are the tuition fees?

The following table describes the tuition fees to be paid in Egyptian pounds (or USD for non-Egyptians) per Semester for the academic year 2021/2022. Students of the first cohort will be granted a scholarship as stated in the table below:



Tuition fees per semester for Egyptians (in EGP)

Tuition fees per semester for non-Egyptians (in USD)

First Cohort Scholarship

Faculty of Computing and Information Science




Faculty of Engineering




Faculty of Business Informatics




Faculty of Digital Arts and Design





12. What are the scholarships offered?

A set of scholarships for distinguished students will be offered and announced on EUI website.